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Emotional control and freedom technology

ECFT IS PHYSICAL HEALING SYSTEM DESIGNED BY Dhanyataa FOR ALL ECFT was originally designed to overhaul the psychotherapy professionals. Fortunately, that goal has been Reached as ECFT has dramatically reduced therapy timings drastically to minutes or hours.


Hypnotherapy is "a special psychological state conversion conscious to sub-conscious state of mind with imaginative role-enactment.


Dhanyataa wants serve the suffering humanity with multi drugless therapies approach to bioelectro magnetic power(aura)by improving body cellular functions in totality it involves several mechanisms such as physiological psychological and spiritual to modify their own regulatory points change of mode of living, tranquility of mind..

Agnihotra homa

Agnihotra homa is the process of purification of the atmosphere and body biorhythmic condition through the agency of fire prepared in a copper pyramid tuned to the biorhythm of sunrise/sunset.

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